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It all begins with the choice of ingredients. Our kombucha starts with green and black teas, and brown sugar, all of which are organic and locally sourced. We make an infusion of sweetened tea, and once it cools, we add our kombucha "mother". 


The “mother” also known as the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) ferments the sugar, creating the unique flavour, natural bubbles, and the health benefits. Once added to the oak barrel, the mother introduces the various bacterias and yeasts which feed on the nitrogen from the tea and sugar to convert this into healthy organic acids and natural probiotics.


The conversion process is monitored over a few weeks along with the growth of a new SCOBY. Once our targets are met, the Oak fermented Kombucha is infused with 100% real fruit and juice and bottled with love and care by hand. In the spirit of keeping our brew “naked”, we do not sweeten with any artificial sweeteners. 

Now that’s some real booch.

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