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naked bondi kombucha raw craft unpasterised sydney kombucha


Our passion is crafting kombucha in its purest form- raw, authentic and unpasteurised. How would you feel about shelf stable yoghurt? Would you buy it? The same applies to your kombucha.


Good booch starts with good ingredients. We source local premium, loose-leaf teas, herbs and botanicals to create the ultimate brew. 

small batch kombucha naked bondi kombucha raw craft unpasterised sydney kombucha
probiotics sydney naked bondi kombucha raw craft unpasterised sydney kombucha


Created by natural fermentation of tea with a culture of bacteria and yeast, each bottle contains millions of microorganisms, which work together to produce a raw, probiotic beverage. 


Brewed in small batches by our humble team, each step of our process is done by hand and with care. We work with the best available, high-quality ingredients that are 100% organic.

naked bondi craft kombucha raw craft unpasterised local sydney kombucha


A Premium Blend of organic black and green teas, our Original is the essence of Kombucha straight from our oak Barrels. Our cask fermented brew promises a simple balance of tart florals and charred oak undertones.

Blood Orange
Our naturally infused Blood Orange Kombucha is a clean full-bodied brew, the most subtle and delicate of our flavoured range.

Strawberry + Raspberry
With bold colour and look, our Strawberry + Raspberry is the fruitiest and most complex in flavour. Its jewel look and sweet moreish feel is most popular with first time Kombucha drinkers.

Kalamansi Lime + Ginger
Sharp, refreshing and tart. Using a range of acidic fruits with Kalamansi Lime as its base, a sharp zesty serving of ginger is united to bind together a cult favourite of regular drinkers.

Lychee + Pink Grapefruit
Sweet Lychee with a little PINK bitter! A beautiful combination of flavours balanced out by a light green tea base.

naked bondi kombucha raw craft unpasterised sydney craft kombucha
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