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Our Story

Just like the legendary story of Spiderman, the inception of Naked Bondi began with a spider bite. Sounds astounding right? Not exactly.

Unlike Peter Parker’s supernatural powers, Naked Bondi’s Co-founder Nick experienced some severe ramifications like stomach pains, nausea and a purged gut due to the adverse effects of antibiotics. 

*Cue uplifting Marvel soundtrack*

Before he knew it, Nick was stocking up on kombucha and even started brewing his own with his housemate Andrew. It didn’t take long for them both to realise that the commercial kombucha was simply not cutting it. Flash forward to 2017, the duo decided to start their own line of raw, unpasteurised, no-bullshit kombucha.

naked bondi team craft kombucha

The result? Naked Bondi: The tastiest, healthiest oak-brewed kombucha on the market.

Since launching Naked Bondi, Andrew, Nick and Tara (the boss lady) have met and brewed Kombucha with commercial brewers from all around the world, discovering flavours and techniques to craft the healthiest of cultures. 

Our name is inspired by the natural health culture of Bondi Beach and the NAKED reminds us of the transparency that we choose to embody in our process by doing things all natural.

We strive to redefine kombucha in Australia and bring it back to its traditional, raw roots

Naked Bondi was born out of a desire to disrupt the sugary, sweetened and largely artificial soft drinks that are currently available on the market.

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