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The Naked Difference

Naked Bondi’s passion is to craft Australia’s most authentic living natural Kombucha. Naked Bondi is REAL Kombucha.

After an encounter with antibiotics we discovered the amazing world of “probiotics” and the ‘gut health movement.” Brewing Kombucha in small batches we discovered the REAL benefits of a natural living organic kombucha, something that was never felt drinking “commercial” kombucha – we were hooked and Naked Bondi was born.

Since 2017 we have met and brewed Kombucha with commercial brewers from all around the world, discovering flavours and techniques to craft the healthiest of cultures. Naked Bondi is a natural delicious oak brewed Kombucha packed with probiotics and healthy organic acids.

As part of our ethos we do not introduce anything artificial into our process, including gases. Our slight effervescence is all natural, and our commitment to sharing a living raw Kombucha means once bottled Naked Bondi must be kept refrigerated at all times.

We hope to share the amazing feeling of well being with every bottle!