Naked Bondi prides itself in creating a dynamic living kombucha with all the bacteria, cultures, yeasts and acids alive and intact. Our hand-crafted elixir is handcrafted for your gut and fermented in small batches in charred European Oak barrels.

A Premium Blend of organic black and green teas, our Original is the essence of Kombucha straight from our oak Barrels. Our cask fermented brew promises a simple balance of tart florals and charred oak undertones.

Blood Orange
Our naturally infused Blood Orange Kombucha is a clean full bodied brew, the most subtle and delicate of our flavoured range.

Strawberry + Raspberry
With bold colour and look, our Strawberry + Raspberry is the fruitiest and most complex in flavour. Its jewel look and sweet moreish feel is most popular with first time Kombucha drinkers.

Kalamansi Lime + Ginger
Sharp, refreshing and tart. Using a range of acidic fruits with Kalamansi Lime as its base, a sharp zesty serving of ginger is united to bind together a cult favourite of regular drinkers.

Lychee + Pink Grapefruit
Sweet Lychee with a little PINK bitter! A beautiful combination of flavours balanced out by a light green tea base.

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